Cleaning company in Chisinau is recruiting employees for remote and office work | «Cleantobe»

Call-center manager

Cold calls, work with the base

The CLEANTOBE cleaning company needs experienced managers to work on the phone (finding new clients and maintaining current ones).

Enterprising, able to conduct a dialogue with a potential buyer.
Experience with cold calling is desirable.

Pay as a% of the deal, so everything is in your hands.

Experience in direct sales on your part, with our training in America.

............WORK IN OUR TEAM............

Fill out the application and we will contact you

High praise & Respect

We follow and respond to every feedback from our customers

Security & Privacy

It is important for us that customers are calm about their property

Trained Professionals

Our employees are trained before starting work,


Клинер (уборщики/уборщицы)

Младший и старший составы

Менеджер по работе с клиентами

Звоники, встречи, презентации

Менеджер call-center

Холодные звонки, работа с базой

Специалист по работе с Karcher

Фасады, автомобили, ковры

Бригадир с личным авто

Работа с персоналом, контроль качества

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